Our Workshop

In 2011, we opened our 10,000 square-foot, purpose-built factory located minutes from Boston in Revere, MA. The strategic location keeps our materials and craftsmen within miles of our project sites, providing short delivery times and fast turn-around. Every component we design is produced, finished, and hand-packed for delivery by our own crews at the Bespoke factory.

The Bespoke purpose-built factory is designed to maintain high-quality standards. Our trained craftsmen utilize CNC (computer numerical controlled) router systems and screen-to-machine software that deliver cutting accuracy down to 0.001 of an inch. Our paint and finishing bays are equipped with state-of-the-art air exchange systems, providing a 100% dust-free environment. We also have a heat control unit that allows our technicians to bake cabinetry finishes at 140 degrees, ideal for achieving a smooth, uniform look and feel.

In additional to high-tech tools, our skilled craftsmen also make use of time-tested woodworking techniques. All cabinetry is constructed with mortise and tenon joinery that imparts strength and stability to components. Our craftsmen are all cross-trained as well. Each of them are capable of performing traditional, hands-on techniques and they can operate any machine in the factory. This level of versatility keeps all of our projects moving efficiently.

At Bespoke of Winchester, we also strive for environmental responsibility. We utilize the finest and most durable materials, sourced from resource-efficient vendors whenever possible. All of our cabinetry is constructed and finished with formaldehyde-free materials. Plus, we donate excess materials to a nonprofit home improvement store and wood-shavings to local farms. We are in the business of transforming raw materials into unique products but the only lasting impact we strive for is in the hearts of our clients.